Born in Madera, CA and raised by immigrant parents, Zimri Padilla is a product of the Madera Unified School system. He attended James Monroe Elementary, Jack G Desmond Middle School, and graduated from Madera South High School. He is also an advocate for public institutions of higher learning and has attended Madera Community Center, Fresno City College, and Clovis Community College. Now a student within the California State University system, he is studying to be an English Teacher for high school students. With his passion for education, he aspires to help make Madera County schools more sustainable by addressing the needs of students, teachers, and staff.

Policy Platforms.


Student Performance

  • By the numbers, a majority of Madera Schools are not performing at the proficient level in core subjects like Math and English compared to the California State average. Madera County students deserve to have access to a quality education that supports them academically, socially, and mentally to prepare them for high school graduation and beyond. 

Community Schools

  • Schools in Madera County should implement an intersectional approach to tackling inequity in the educational system that focuses on improving the academic, emotional, and physical wellbeing of our students. By leveraging the necessary resources from our community partners, our schools can help uplift students, families, and communities in Madera County.


  • Schools in Madera have a high rate of suspensions, even amongst elementary school students. Suspension of students should be the last resort to address student behavior. Madera County schools should pursue a restorative justice approach to discipline,  which promotes an inclusive and safe environment that fosters positive relationships between students, teachers, and staff.


  • The reopening of schools should be done in accordance with state and county safety recommendations-always making the health of our communities as our number one priority. As we transition to online education, both students and teachers should be provided with the resources to succeed at their jobs. 



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